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Best Festive Fall Cookies

Happy Wednesday guys!

Today I'm sharing these festive fall cookies here on the blog, one, because they turned out so pretty and, two, because they are actually just as delicious as they are aesthetically pleasing! I think these would be fun to make for a fall baking day, or to bring as a festive, fall themed dessert for a party or get together this time of year!

So to start, these are the recipes I used and my thoughts on them:

Sugar Cookie Recipe:


If you're looking for mouthwatering sugar cookies that hold their shape, these are them! This cookie recipe turned out so well and so much better than I expected (I have had many failed cookie batches lol) - these cookies held the shape of the cookie cutter perfectly, they were a great consistency, and the flavor was wonderful! The flavor did have a little hint of almond to it and I loved it, however, if you don't love almond you could put less almond extract into your batch! Only my favorite recipes make the cut and I can honestly say, these cookies will be written down and saved in my recipe tin!

Sugar Cookie Frosting Recipe:


Oh this Frosting! I'd be lying if I told you I didn't spoon it into my mouth after tasting it! The frosting was such a fluffy and delightful topping to these sugar cookies, and it definitely made them a more decadent dessert. I highly recommend this recipe for your next sugar cookie batch! And is it just me or does talking about frosting make you want to quote How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, "Women of New York, frost yourselves!" Ha! I love that part. Probably just me lol

Here are the materials and steps to get the final product in the cookie picture above:

Materials: (All items are linked at the bottom of the post)

  • Cookie cutter (great fall ones linked below)

  • Rolling pin

  • Food Coloring (a pack of 4 primary colors)

  • Cooling Rack

  • 5 Bowls for mixing frosting colors


How I did the Cookies:

Step 1: Make the Sugar Cookie dough

Step 2: Roll the dough and cut the cookies with the cookie cutter you want to use.

Step 3: Bake the cookies.

Step 4: Let the baked cookies set out to fully cool (it's important that they are not warm to the touch at all)

How and When I Made the Frosting:

Step 5: Prepare the frosting an hour (or more) after the cookies have been cooling.

(If you aren't planning to frost the cookies the day you baked them for some reason, make sure you make the frosting fresh on the day you plan to frost them! Preparing the frosting right before you frost the cookies is ideal.)

How I Colored the Frosting:

Step 6: Now that the frosting is made you want to section it off into 5 bowls with an even amount of frosting in each. 4 of the bowls will be the frosting that will become the 4 ombre colors for your fall cookies (that is with one bowl being untouched of food coloring for the first set of white frosted cookies).

**Side note: your fifth bowl of frosting, is set aside in case you mess up on color and need to add more white frosting to a color you are creating or in case you just need to start over with a color.**

Step 7: Your first bowl is the plain white frosting, and will be used to frost you first set of (3-4) cookies. Next, with your second bowl of frosting, add red, yellow, and green to it until you get a tannish color for the second set of cookies and start by adding only 5 drops of each food coloring to the second bowl of frosting because this will be your lightest color after the set of white frosted cookies. For the next set do the same thing but increase the colors to make it a darker orange - add more yellow or red as you need to get a more orangey fall color. And repeat this for the final, darkest frosted set of cookies, adding more food coloring as necessary to get the darker reddish orange you want for the last set of cookies.

Step 8: Frost the cookies! Enjoy right after frosting them, or let the frosting harden a little on the cookies before packing them to take somewhere.

That's everything you need to know to make these festive, fall cookies!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Lauren

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